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A3 Thinking is more than filling out a report. It is a philosophy of problem solving that centers on a well-communicated team approach to the PDCA cycle.

  • A3 Thinking takes a team approach. That means that individuals throughout the organization need a set of problem-solving skills that go way beyond just filling out an A3 Report. That report is meaningless if the team can't put the plan into action

  • A3 Thinking requires a solid infrastructure to be successful. That framework means that you have the resources to fix problems and the discipline to keep problems from recurring. Our Continuous Improvement Development System provides that framework.

  • A3 Thinking works best as part of a plan. Your A3 efforts should not be completed in a vacuum. Your organization should have its course charted through policy deployment, and it should be kept on track through a robust business management system. A3 Reports are tools that work best with structured leadership.

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The Most Visible Part of A3 Thinking is the A3 Report.

Unfortunately, many people think that is the ONLY part of A3 Thinking.

Used correctly, though, it IS a powerful tool. It is concise, and focused. When people create the report, they are required to think a particular way, and when people read the report, they have confidence that the process that was used to create it will yield great results.

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Being a great A3 Thinker won't happen in a vacuum. You have to know all the supporting terminology as well. You'd be hard pressed to find a better resource than our Continuous Improvement Companion.

It has 739 terms in it and is chock full of information. Most terms go way beyond a simple definition. There are loads of videos and MP3s. Detailed information for leaders as well as frontline team members. Words of warnings. Key points. And a lot more.

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A3 Thinking Fundamentals

A Lean Training System Module

Our Lean Training System was the precursor to our Continuous Improvement Development System and contains 36 stand-alone modules.

Our A3 Thinking module is designed to be an introductory class for people who will be exposed to A3 projects, who will be A3 team members, or who may be asked to support the projects. It is a quick primer, about an hour long, and gets people ramped up in a hurry.

As a leader, you can use this material to educate yourself, or you can play the videos for your team.

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Teach Your Team on Your Own

While our videos and online courses are great tools, they don't have to be your only options. You can also use our materials--all 36 modules--to teach your team on your own. Don't just limit yourself to A3 Thinking, either. Teach all the supporting concepts that your people will need to know to make your plans become reality.

Our modules all come with PowerPoint presentations, and most come with a student guide. We also have a selection of quizzes, exercises, and more. We also have videos of each module available in our Leader / Trainer Membership, which are useful as 'how to' leader's guides for the modules.

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