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    Use our content to further your own continuous improvement education...and your career. Our basic subscription is great for frontline team members to sign up just long enough to watch the videos you need for your job, though we hope you stick around to keep learning as we post new content.


    Play videos for your team in stand-up meetings, during brown bag lunches, and as training for projects. Our Leader focused subscription puts a wealth of content at your fingertips to play for your team, or to learn on your own.


    You'll find forms and tools and the know-how to put them to use right away. Use the tools that you learn about to improve your processes.


    Continuous Improvement Central is designed around our Continuous Improvement Development System. It is intended to help you build the structure that will enable your company to compete and will make your team thrive.


    Terms, Lessons, Training Module Videos, FAQs, Ramblings, and more. Keep learning as we regularly add more videos.


    Many forms & tools, and PDFs to help you on your continuous improvement journey. Many come with corporate licenses that allow you to share the materials within your own company.


    You can go month to month on your basic subscription. Cancel anytime with no obligation for any more payments.


    Most of our downloads come with a permanent license. Forms and tools come with a corporate license good for sharing within your company. Most CI Central PDFs come with an individual license good for personal use only. Corporate license options are also available for most items.


    Our new learning platform allows us to create courses to consume our content in a more organized manner than ever before. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to find out about new courses right away.

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  • What's up with only being able to buy one product at a time?

    Yeah. We know. This is a problem. But one thing at a time. We are in the process of a major product rollout effort, and we have a small staff.

    Our training course platform, for some reason, has this limitation unless you integrate a separate store. Once we get our training site up and running, and all our products loaded, and we can tell how well it performs, then we'll be in a position to add in more functionality.

  • Is there a commitment when I sign up?

    No. When you sign up, there is a defined term of access that you are paying for. There is no obligation to continue paying after that. With subscriptions, you can cancel at any time and you won't be charged for the next period.

  • Can I keep my downloads?

    Most downloads come with a permanent license. Once you download them, they are yours to keep. (At this time, all downloads come with permanent licenses, but we do have some ideas for new types of products that won't.)

  • Can I share my downloadable content?

    Many of our downloads come with corporate licenses that allow you to share within your own company. Most forms & tools are like this. You can post the materials internally, but cannot share outside of your company, and departing employees lose the rights to use the content.

  • Can I share videos?

    Yes and no. You can play videos for other people when you are present, but cannot allow access to your account when you are not with them. This is most common when leaders and trainers play videos for their team members. You may not charge people to view our videos.


Owner and Founder

Jeff Hajek

Jeff is the owner and founder of Velaction.

He has been involved in continuous improvement for nearly all of his professional life (since leaving the army after 10 years in uniform).

He is the author of Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean and a wealth of other training materials, including the 1,000+ page Continuous Improvement Companion, and encyclopedia of CI terms.
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