Our Product Line is Geared Towards Our Memberships.

Get the Right Membership for YOUR Needs.

We've got four memberships to meet your needs.

  • Yellow Belt (Core) Membership: This membership is for frontline employees who want to thrive in a Lean company.
  • Green Belt (Core+) Membership: This membership is for those who take on a leadership role in continuous improvement and for junior leaders.
  • Black Belt (Leader / Trainer) Membership: This membership is designed to help leaders improve their own performance while also enhancing the capability of their teams. It also provides information on how to get started building a business management system and all the necessary infrastructure.
  • Master Black Belt (Program Leader) Membership: This membership is a one-per-company package intended to supply you with training resources if you want to develop an internal program rather than rely exclusively on us to teach your team. It also contains the information in our Black Belt Membership.

Continuous Improvement Development System

Our Phased Approach to Building a Better Business System

Our CIDS is a how-to guide to creating a business management system that cultivates a continuous improvement culture.

It takes a phased approach to make sure you have the infrastructure in place and your team has the skills they need to succeed.

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Continuous Improvement Development System

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